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2015 Fair Bear Winners!



First Place in 4th Grade – Cynthia Houston – Hesse K-8

“Perfect day for a fair” thought Fair Bear, and it was.  In Cynthia’s winning submission, Fair Bear rides the Ferris wheel (his favorite ride), has a less than pleasant experience on the merry-go-round, and ends up working at the “Frazier’s Fine Food” booth.  Definitely a great day at the fair!

Read Cynthia's Winning Entry



First Place in 5th Grade – JJ Lough – Marshpoint Elementary

When the story starts with Fair Bear in a “heavy overcoat, fedora, sunglasses, and a big, bushy Mustache,” you know something fun is going to happen!  JJ pits Fair Bear against a security named Henry as he tries to achieve his major goal of seeing Lady Antebellum in concert at the fair.  In the end, Fair Bear comes to the conclusion that his bear friends have to “get over salmon and get into the world of funnel cake.  And learn the Funky Chicken!”

Read JJ's Winning Entry





First Place in 6th Grade – Corbin L’Oiseau – Hesse K-8

Marmosets riding on dogs?  Fair Bear participating in a pig race?  These are only two of the exciting adventures Corbin has in store for Fair Bear at the Georgia National Fair.  As Fair Bear’s identity is eventually discovered, he finds that he is a celebrity at the fair, and he “ate a lot of funnel cakes, and did everything at the fair.”  In the end, he understands why the fair was so fun!

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