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9-12 Summer Reading 

                flip flops, beach towels, and books on the sand

High School Summer Reading Assignments


Students will read 2 books from the suggested reading list for their grade level/course for the upcoming year.


All students will keep a Reading Log of time spent reading the 2 books and have the log signed by a parent.  A copy of the Reading Log can be found here.


When students return to school in the fall, they may be required to complete an additional writing assessment related to their summer reading.


Students may elect to read a book that is not on the list, if it is within their Lexile range or within their grade level Lexile Band (see below).     



A Lexile range is included on book lists to help students select books that correspond with the Lexile score found on their 8th grade SRI report, 9th Grade GMAS EOC Individual Student Report, or their GMAS American Literature EOC Individual Student Report.  For more information on Lexiles and for a great way to find text in your child's Lexile range, visit the official Lexile website at

Students enrolled in an Advanced Placement or Honors Course may be given reading assignments from their individual schools.  Contact information for each high school can be found here.

9-12 Summer Reading Flyer

Suggested Reading Lists

Ninth Grade Literature 

Tenth Grade Literature 

American Literature (11th) 

British Literature (12th)

AP Language and Composition

AP Literature and Composition

AP US History

AP Government

AP European/World History

AP Human Geography

AP Psychology