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Ombudsman Educational Services 


The Savannah-Chatham County Public School System is dedicated to every student it serves and will provide the most effective tools available to ensure ALL students achieve a strong education. 

Students who are learning in an alternative educational setting that may be experiencing behavioral and academic challenges, will benefit from an alternative learning program that places a stronger focus on the individual student.  In SY 2012-2013 the Savannah-Chatham Public School System partnered with Ombudsman Educational Services to improve the outcome of the district’s current alternative education strategies and programs.  Services are also available to support a Middle School Accelerated Program. 

In the spirit of providing the very best for our students, the Ombudsman program comes with a proven track record of success that provides a small teacher to student ratio, individualized instruction, targeted remediation programs, and an understanding that any student can achieve at high levels. 

Great consideration is taken into the individual needs of every student enrolled in the program.  Upon enrollment each student is given a placement test in order to provide the necessary remediation or additional supports.  Students receive the necessary one on one instruction in the areas of greatest need and are able to progress at their own rate through online supports. The online and one on one instruction provides an effective blended learning environment that allows students to accelerate and move ahead quickly.  Additionally, the class schedule allows students to take full ownership of their education, participate in community service projects, collaborate on group projects, and develop meaningful relationships with their teachers.

The goal of the partnership between Savannah-Chatham Public Schools and Ombudsman Educational Services is to provide competency and social skills growth with work based learning opportunities, credit recovery options, and a fast transition back to the student’s zoned school.  Together, we will work to ensure all students are afforded a quality education that will help them become productive members of the community!

The contact for the Ombudsman Alternative Learning Center is

Rashada Tedder, Ombudsman Administrator PH: 912-964-4448

Ombudsman Alternative Learning Program locations include:

905 E 69th Street, 31405   PH: 912-344-4489  FAX: (912) 349-7107

7216 Skidaway Road, 31406  PH: 912-200-3462  FAX: (912) 335-1250

12 Brampton Road, Suite B, 31408   PH: 912-963-0000  FAX: (912) 963-0008

Ombudsman Accelerated Middle School Program:

100 Wheathill Road, Bldg. 300, 31408

PH:  (912) 335-7212 

FAX: (912) 335-7436                                                                                                    

Below please find a list of commonly asked questions.


What is Ombudsman?

Ombudsman is an accredited, alternative education program for at-risk middle and high school students, nontraditional learners, and students who have been suspended or expelled.  Ombudsman partners with public school districts to educate students in grades six through 12 who have not been successful in a traditional school setting by offering:

  • small class size, small group instruction and personalized attention from caring, certified teachers who meet district qualification requirements;
  • personalized and differentiated instruction, which blends teacher-led instruction, independent practice, collaboration in small groups, and enrichment activities to help students apply knowledge and enhance their social skills;
  • personalized academic plans and goals created specifically to meet individual needs;
  • a rigorous and engaging technology-rich environment that offers a variety of curriculum platforms, and helps students become familiar with tools they will use in college, trade or vocational school or the workplace;
  • focused, dedicated preparation for state assessments;
  • mentors who will help students develop a post-secondary plan for college and career preparation through service learning, internship, job shadowing, mentoring and volunteer opportunities that help students explore careers, develop the skills required to secure employment and give back to the community; and
  • development of social, self-evaluation and personal responsibility skills, which result in greater accountability and improved academic results.

How does Ombudsman help students succeed?

Ombudsman partners with school districts to help remove the roadblocks to graduation and offers a program for students who want to get back on track.

Students work in a welcoming, safe and technology-rich setting and receive one-on-one attention from caring teachers. Students will develop strong relationships with Ombudsman teachers, which is vital to helping them achieve high levels of academic, social and behavioral growth. These positive relationships go beyond the classroom to community, church and business leaders who will serve as role models and mentors so students can explore career options and plan positive futures. Our blended learning approach allows teachers to integrate technology into their work directly with individual students and small groups. As a result, students and teachers develop richer, deeper positive interactions and students develop self-confidence.

On average, Ombudsman’s students achieve more than one academic year’s growth in less than one year’s time. Eighty-five percent of Ombudsman students graduate, return to their district school closer to or at grade level, or complete the academic year at Ombudsman.

How long is the typical class day?

The program offers multiple flexible schedules and a compressed class day to accommodate students’ needs. Students spend about three-quarters of the day working on computers to master their subjects with assistance from teachers and instructional staff. The rest of the day is spent doing writing assignments, participating in group projects and conducting research. Students remain on task, focused, motivated and engaged in learning.

What kind of counseling, remediation, and behavioral services are offered? 

Counseling services are a part of the curriculum delivery.  Upon enrollment students are given a behavior assessment that is used to identify behavior goals and will group students according to like needs.  These needs will be addressed through a social skills curriculum which is built into the day.  All practices will be based on William Glaser's philosophy on quality schools and non-confrontational approaches to learning.  This program will guide students into taking responsibility for their actions and demonstrating their commitment to learning and academic achievement. Once students accept responsibility for their own decisions, they will take a stronger ownership in their educational success.

Will there be a full staff of certified teachers to provide instruction? 

Yes. All teachers will meet the same high standards throughout the school system. SCCPSS will play a large role in the hiring of staff. Faculty will be hired based on a 10-to-1 teacher/student ratio, so students will gain the benefit of individualized instruction.  

Will there be a full staff of counselors and social workers to address social and behavioral issues? Yes. A full staff of certified counselors will be provided. SCCPSS will also provide assistance with social workers as needed.

Who is the typical Ombudsman student?

The program provides an alternative learning experience for students who have been long term suspended or expelled. No matter what challenges they face in life, students can find success through Ombudsman’s alternative program. Ombudsman provides a non-traditional classroom setting, with personalized instruction, mastery-based learning and a flexible schedule. Ombudsman’s program is tailored for each student, including students who have IEPs or who are English language learners.

What is Ombudsman’s success rate?

On average, Ombudsman’s students achieve more than one academic year’s growth in less than one year’s time. Eighty-five percent of Ombudsman students graduate, return to their district school closer to or at grade level, or complete the academic year at Ombudsman.

Is Ombudsman accredited?

Yes, Ombudsman is accredited by AdvancED, the North Central Association (NCA), the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and Middle States Commission on Elementary Schools (MSCES). You can read more about Ombudsman accreditation here.

What benefits do school districts realize by partnering with Ombudsman?

Districts receive many benefits by partnering with Ombudsman. Ombudsman helps reduce classroom disruptions, counseling costs, teacher frustration, suspensions and expulsions. Districts also save money because the average cost per pupil is less than the district’s average cost. Students remain on school district rolls and Ombudsman reports enrollment and attendance information to its school district partners. This allows school districts to benefit from improved graduation and attendance rates as well as retain funding streams.

Are Ombudsman teachers certified?

Yes. All teachers are certified and meet the federal Highly Qualified Teacher requirements as defined by No Child Left Behind. Just as important, Ombudsman teachers are selected for their ability to work with at-risk students. Ombudsman teachers guide students to make good choices about their academic progress, attendance and consideration for others in the learning center.

Will transportation be provided? 

Yes, SCCPSS provides transportation.