Silky China

Silk worms are shiny, strong, stretchy insects that

Invent beautiful silk thread. They

Love to dine on mulberry leaves. They

Kept the Chinese people dressed nicely.


Silk is important to China. Some even call China the land of silk. Silk comes from silkworms that are really caterpillars. Silk was produced by women. They fed mulberry leaves to silkworms. They get fat and then the silkworms made cocoons. The women unwind the silk thread from the cocoons and weave the silk into silk material. China produces 80 percent of the world’s tussah (wild silk).

Life Cycle of the Silk Worm

Spinning Silk Thread into Cloth

Mother moth


Silkworms on  mulberry leaves


Wearing silk clothing

Gathering  silkworms

Text Box: Boiling cocoons
Text Box: Weaving the silk thread
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