Life in China

Long lasting country

In the winter people wore jackets over their tunics.

Food is sometimes tasty.

Everybody wore their hair long.


In ancient China people put blankets over their windows.

Nothing to do


Children did not go to school.

Houses are made of mud and thatch.

Interesting place

Nobody was treated fairly.

Always will be people in China.


It is weird that the Chinese cared so much about how people lived their lives. They thought poor people should act different from rich people. They even thought men and women should act different, because men and women had a different set of rules to live by. Most boys and girls did not go to school. Instead, they worked with their parents. Even rich girls did not, go to school, but rich boys did.

Men and women wore tunics for clothes. In the winter they wore jackets over their tunics. Most people wore their hair long. Early in China, poor people made their clothes of hemp or ramie. Rich people wore silk.

 People in northern China began to eat wheat. For fruits they had oranges, lemons, peaches, and apricots. When they could afford it, they would grow or buy veggies. Because China did not have huge forests it is hard to find fuel to cook meat.



People in Ancient China have been growing and eating rice for more than 7,000 years. The Chinese eat pork, chicken, duck, goose, and dogs. Rice was the first grain farmed. Wine made from rice was popular in ancient China. Meat was often eaten on special occasions, on top of their food. Millet wine was much more popular than tea, but tea was the main drink in ancient China. Can you believe millet is grass? Its seeds were eaten as cereal. Soup was made from shark fins, bird nests, bear paws, and sea slugs. When we think of China, we think of rice and tea.



Did you know in Ancient China different people wore different kinds of clothing? Only the rich wore silk. The poor would wear clothes made from coarse, hemp, or wool. An Emperor would wear yellow. Yellow meant wealth and power. In China, they wore something called a mao suit. They wore it but it was made for the military! Only rich people had fancy robes. which had pretty designs sewn in them.



Did you know that the ancient Chinese had different houses from each other? The rich people’s houses were made out of wood and pottery tiles. They sat on cushions instead of chairs. The poor people houses are built from mud and thatch. They hung huge blankets over the windows and doors to keep the cold out.