Imaginative Inventions










Glass Armonica

The glass armonica had a small size but a big talent. Benjamin invented it because he wanted an instrument. It had 27 glass jars of different sounds for making music. Everyone loved the sound of it!










Stepladder Chair

The stepladder chair can go up and down.  It can get people up high. It is very useful.  How can it go up?  Well there is something that goes up—steps.  The step ladder is made of wood.  The step ladder looks like a chair but the steps go up and down.











Swimming Paddles

Ben Franklin loved to swim. He wanted to swim fast, so he made something to help him swim faster. These were called swimming paddles. This was his first invention.  The paddles helped swimmers swim faster. Did you know that Ben was a 10 year old boy when he invented these?









Rocking Chair with Fan

Ben invented a rocking chair with a fan over it. Why would he need a fan over a rocking chair? Oh, to keep the flies off his head!










Door Locker

A door locker helped Ben lock the bedroom door. He used strong string. While he was still in bed he used the strong string. The string was tied to the lock and to his bed to lock and unlock his door when he pulled on it.