Incredible Ideas


First Fire Station

One of Benís great ideas was to build a wagon that could help put out fires. This was Americaís first fire station.





Public Library

We are so happy that Ben thought of making a place for people to borrow books from to read! This idea saved money because people could borrow the books instead of buying them. The first library was built in Philadelphia.





Trash Collecting

Ben had great ideas for making his town of† Philadelphia better. He found a way of getting rid of† trash.






Mail Delivery

Ben loved to think of things to help others. He started a way to get letters to people who lived far away. This was the first post office. He became the first Postmaster.





Street Lights

The streets of Philadelphia were very dark at night until Ben thought of a way to help people see on the streets at night. He called these street lights. What a bright idea!




First Hospital

Did you know that Ben started Americaís first hospital? It was in Philadelphia.




Day Light Savings Time

We just changed our clocks one hour ahead so that we can have more daylight at the end of the day. Did you know that Ben Franklin was the one who thought of this idea so many years ago? He really started this idea as a witty idea for one of his newspapers. We think it has lasted a long, long time.