Important Inventions

Franklinís Odometer

Modern Odometer


Leyden Jar

A Leyden Jar was used to store lightning. Ben Franklin got lightning in a jar with a key and a kite. He got shocked a little, but it made a light inside. The jar looked like a lamp.





Lightning Rod

The lightning rodís electricity goes to the ground. Lightning rods protected houses. The lightning rods are rods that keep houses from catching on fire. They are tall poles attached to houses.



Long Arm

A long arm can help people reach books on tall shelves. Benjamin Franklin invented the Long Arm to help reach books because the bookshelf was very tall. The Long Arm was made of wood. The wood looked like a pole. Franklin invented the Long Arm because he wanted to invent something he could use a lot.






Franklin Stove

The stove used less fuel and gave more heat.† The stove has cold air come in and hot air out.† It goes into a fire.† The stove doesnít make smoke. People still save energy today with Franklin Stoves.



Franklin invented a type of glasses called bifocals. He got tired of switching glasses because he needed to see far and near. So he made one pair of glasses that he could see far away and up close. He called these new glasses or lenses bifocals.







Magic Squares

Ben Franklin was always drawing and doodling.† He decided that he would doodle a math puzzle. So he made a square and inside there were 9 squares. A Magic Square has smaller squares put together with numbers inside to help solve math problems.†



Ben Franklin used the odometer to see how far he had traveled.† He used the it when he started the postal system in the colonies. He used the odometer to measure the roads between Boston and Philadelphia. We still use odometers in our cars today. See todayís odometer to the right. It really has changed!