Cool Careers

Text Box: Pennsylvania Gazette









Soap and Candle Maker

Ben began school when he was eight years old.† He had good handwriting and was an excellent reader, but he did poorly in arithmetic. Ben`s father did not have enough money to keep him in school. When Ben was ten, he began to work in his fatherís soap and candle shop. Ben cut wicks, poured hot wax into candle molds, and did errands.† He hated the smell of the wax and the boiling soap.† He hated making candles.† He wanted to do something more than make candles in his life!












When he was 26, he printed Poor Richardís Almanac. His almanac was a book of useful information like weather reports, important dates, and funny sayings. Sometimes he had fun puzzles to work, too. Everyone loved Poor Richard!










Writer and Editor

As Ben grew older, he kept thinking and writing. When he was† 23, he wrote and printed a newspaper called the Pennsylvania Gazette. This newspaper told things about what was going on all around Philadelphia. Everyone loved it!










After finding a way to get letters to people, lots of people began sending mail everywhere. Someone needed to be in charge, so Ben was asked to be in charge of the mail. This job was called Postmaster.








Fire Chief

Ben was in a special club that got together and talked about ways to help Philadelphia. The group decided to make a volunteer fire department. Later Ben became the head of the department, called the Fire Chief.




Store Keeper

Debbie and Ben Franklin had a store in front of their house.† They sold books, pencils, maps, fishnets, chocolate, cloth along with soap and candles for sale.