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Guidance Dept.
Hesse School
9116 Whitfield Avenue
Savannah, GA 31406
Phone: (912) 395-6440  
FAX: (912) 303-6450

Kimberly Newman,

Bell Times
Grades: PK - 8th

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Announcements: Hesse Needs Your Help with the Georgia Parent Survey


Hesse Needs Your Help with the Georgia Parent Survey 


 Link to Anonymous Georgia Parent Survey:


Georgia assigns each school a School Climate Star Rating as an indicator as to whether or not a school is on the right path for student achievement and improvement.  The rating is determined using data from the student, parent, & school personnel surveys, as well as student discipline data and attendance data for students/staff. Parents and guardians play a huge role in the success of our students and school! One of the components of CCRPI (the “grade” given to each school by the State) is the school climate score. 


Every year, parents are asked to complete a survey of their child’s school.  That survey is calculated and a score is then awarded to the school as a climate rating score. Please help us receive a perfect rating by completing the survey prior to December 9th.  We need 100% parent/guardian participation.  Remember that this survey represents our school and we value your feedback.





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