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Announcements: School Crossing Guard Appreciation Week


School Crossing Guard Appreciation Week  


Georgia Crossing Guard Appreciation Week is this week, November 14-18, 2016! 


Crossing Guards are an integral part of many safe routes to school across Georgia! They risk their own safety to help children get from one side of the street to the other. Others also manage tricky traffic congestion problems and direct people in and out of school parking lots and drop off locations. 


Recognize the impact these individuals have on the safety of our children all this week, November 14-18, 2016! You can find information, downloads, and ideas at  


A few things that schools, districts, and law enforcement agencies across the state do to show appreciation:

  • Ask students to write thank you cards to their crossing guards or display thank you banners at or on the way to school
  • Recognize the guards on school morning announcements. Many students don't know their guard's name! Make sure they do! 
  • Give crossing guards a shout-out in local media (newspaper, tv, or radio) and on school and district websites
  • Provide guards with updated equipment or additional equipment to make their job easier and safer. Make sure guards have stop signs and safety vests.
  • Ask PTA/PTO or other school group to provide crossing guards with some sort of small token of thanks such as a gift card or travel mug or even hand-warmers for those cold mornings! 

Right here in coastal Georgia, SCCPSS Campus Police, which employs guards throughout the county, is having a recognition event for crossing guards on Friday, November 18th! 


Want to know more about crossing guards and their role in Safe Routes to School? Check out these resources

National Center for Safe Routes to School Crossing Guard Guide

Florida Crossing Guard Training Program (the crossing guard training program standard by which many other programs have been developed)

Vermont Crossing Guard Videos


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