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Announcements: Late Work Protocol


Late Work Protocol 


The Staff and School Council at CMS have agreed to implement the following Late Work Protocol on March 8, 2017.  Parents may provide feedback using this link.  The protocol will be revised this spring.

Late Work Protocol

Approved by the CMS School Council on February 24, 2017

·       It is our school’s belief that students should develop excellent work habits and study skills. In order to succeed in college and in careers, individuals must be proficient in meeting deadlines and expectations. It is our responsibility as educators and parents to foster this habit in our students throughout their school years.

·       It is evident that students perform better in class and on assessments when work is completed as assigned. Students who fall behind in submitting work also fall behind in mastering the related concepts. Students who turn in assignments as requested more often demonstrate mastery of content and deeper understanding of the material.

·       Students may submit up to 2 (likely 1 next school year) late assignments per class each quarter, provided the late work has the parent’s signature and request for the work to be considered.

·       To be considered, late work must be submitted with parent signature within 3 days of the grade being posted.

·       Not more than 70% credit will be given for the late assignment.

·       This does not apply to work students miss when absent.  Students have 5 days upon return to school from an excused absence to submit work for full credit.



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