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Announcements: SSU Information on the Book Rental Program


SSU Information on the Book Rental Program 


SSU Textbook Rental Program information for Dual-Enrolled SECHS Students & Parents/Guardians


Please note that in order for the students to participate in the program, their parents have to provide either a debit or credit card if the books are not returned or damaged. This information is needed before they can receive their books.  


Textbooks are provided to students in the Move on When Ready program for their use during the semester.  Books must be rented and returned at the end of the semester.  There is no cost to the student under the book rental program when the book is used and returned at the end of the semester.


The rental process requires a person at least 18 years of age to set up a textbook rental account with Follett (Savannah State University’s bookstore contractor) by going to ( and completing the rental agreement form for the student (which includes providing credit or debit card information). 


Students wishing to keep their books may do so, and the credit or debit card listed on the rental agreement will be charged for the additional cost of the book (the total cost of the book less $25 per credit hour that Savannah State is reimbursed by the GSFC.)  If a used book is available, it will be provided as first choice.  Students wishing to upgrade their book may do so by paying the difference at the bookstore by cash, credit, or debit.


All books received by a MOWR student must be returned in a non-damaged condition by the end of the semester (December 12 for Fall Semester 2015).  If it is not returned in re-sellable condition, the credit/debit card provided will be charged for the total cost of the book less $25 per credit hour for that course.


The MOWR allowance is only for the use of textbooks and the MOWR student is responsible for any additional courseware associated with or contained in a customer courseware packet, such as additional CD/DVD(s), access codes, or supplemental materials.  MOWR students will only pay the difference between the textbook cost and the bundled packet cost, not the individual item costs.  For example, if there is a bundle with a textbook and access code, and the student purchases both, then the student pays the bundle cost less the cost of the textbook.  If the student only elects to purchase the textbook, there is no cost to the student.  If the student elects to buy only the access code, then that purchase is not covered by the textbook allowance and the student must pay the entire cost of the access code.


Contacts for MOWR books:


               Raymonda Banks, Bookstore Manager – 912-358-3099

               Barbara Sturch, SSU Operations Manager – 912-358-3110

               Jean Ann Caywood, SSU Auxiliary Services Director – 912-358-3112


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