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Announcements: School Safety


School Safety  


We want to ensure that your child continues to receive a quality learning experience.  School safety is a key factor in the achievement of this goal.  And while our schools are safe, it takes all of us to keep them that way.  Our effort to continually strengthen school safety and security helps maintain a positive learning environment where all students succeed.   

Because we all play a role in supporting a positive learning environment, here are a few safety reminders:

·         All visitors should enter through the front door of the school. Visitors should have a legitimate reason for being at the school and all must sign in at the front office.

·         Random Safety Searches for All Schools.  The school searches provide an added level of security and will include all schools (Elementary, Middle, K8, and High Schools).

·         Please remember that all students are to adhere to the uniform policy and should not wear baggy clothing or lose garments.  Refer to the Student Code of Conduct for additional information.

·         Weapons and dangerous instruments are not permitted at school.  Please review the Student Code of Conduct with your child to ensure compliance with State Law and District Policy.

·         The Student Code of Conduct is a great resource for every parent/guardian.  Please review this document regularly.  The Code of Conduct can also be found online at by searching the “Students” tab.   

 Thank you for your support.  Maintaining a positive and safe learning environment remains a key priority.  We are glad that you are a part of the Savannah-Chatham County Public School System and we look forward to a great school year. 


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