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Announcements: Garden City teachers helping others!


Garden City teachers helping others! 



A group of teachers is helping out a family after they saw WTOC's story featuring a working grandmother named Rose Gray. She takes care of two children and relies on the Economic Opportunity Authority for help paying her bills. But now that the EOA is out of money, she was left praying for a Christmas miracle.

Her prayers were answered.

Garden City Elementary School first grade teacher Fannie Sexton always looks for a way to give back, especially around Christmas time.

So when she heard about Gray's story, she immediately wanted to help. 

"As I listened to you interview Ms. Gray, I don't know, my heart went out to help Ms. Gray," said Sexton.

So, she went to her fellow teachers.

"I went to them and said I didn't want to put pressure on them. And I know they have their families and if they couldn't, that was fine. It was their choice of what they wanted to give," said Sexton.

In less than two weeks, the teacher were able to get together and raise $200 to help Gray pay her heating bills. It's something they say they were just compelled to do.

"I cry happy tears, it's just overwhelming and I'm so appreciative. I will be back to help them in the classroom and I'm glad to meet new friends," said Gray after receiving the check.

"It's unfortunate for a lot of people and people are doing without and you want to help everyone but you can't if you can help one, it will make a difference," said Sexton.

And for Rose, this is a huge help to at least pay her heating bills through Christmas, while she still hopes the EOA will get the funding to help not only her but hundreds like her.

She's thankful there are people out there willing to lend a helping hand.

"In spite of it all, I'm optimistic. Thank god for these teachers, it's a blessing within itself," said Gray. "I'm grateful and I'm grateful."

The EOA says it's up to congress if they get more funding. If you would like more answers, contact your Congressmen. Click on the links above for Jack Kingston and John Barrow's contact information.


Created at 12/15/2011 3:31 PM  by Jennifer Polk 
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