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Announcements: Bridgette Brinton: The New Resident Scientist at GHS


Bridgette Brinton: The New Resident Scientist at GHS 


Hello Groves teachers and parents,


My name is Brigette Brinton, and I would like to introduce myself to all of you. Mrs. Sükkestad and I are working together this year to teach your wonderful students about oceanography and how professional scientists do research. I am pursuing my Master’s Degree in Marine Sciences at Savannah State University, and have a fellowship with the National Science Foundation GK-12 Program to serve as a resident scientist in Mrs. Sükkestad’s classroom. As a researcher my focus is on animal behavior, and I study shrimp and fish that live in the salt marsh. These animals are easy to work with in a laboratory and classroom setting, so your students that Mrs. Sükkestad and I are teaching will get to learn about research firsthand. Every well-rounded citizen should also understand the basics about the ocean, even if they never study oceanography. My primary goal while serving at Groves HS this year is to show everyone how important knowledge about research and the ocean is, regardless of whether or not you are a scientist! Thank you for letting me get to know your Great Groves students this year.


Brigette Brinton

Savannah State University



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