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Announcements: Yearbook News


Yearbook News 


Dear Parents and Guardians of the Senior Graduating Class of 2016


The Yearbook staff would like to take this chance to inform you of some of our deadlines. Senior portraits are due by December 1st. Our preferred photographer is Upscale Images, located at 4307 Ogeechee Road Suite 102. Their fee for a formal portrait and Cap/Gown photo is $30.00. You may make an appointment for a photo session at the studio. The photographer will be on campus September 24 for your convenience. The fee will be the same and we will be located in the JROTC building.

On picture day, all students are expected to be in uniform. The photographer will supply the tuxedo and the “drape” for the ladies as well as the cap and gown. Any special props will be provided by the student.

It is recommended that the ladies wear a tank top under their uniform shirt for ease of dressing in the traditional “drape”. Pearls are provided but students can bring their own jewelry.

Anyone wishing to have casual photo made should call the photographer for an appointment.


Baby Pictures

If you would like to contribute to our “Baby pages”, please submit a baby photo labeled with the student’s name. We can return the photo in 24 hours. We will scan the photo at 300 dpi, so no cell phone pictures of the picture can be used. If have a scanner and wish to scan it yourself, please make sure it is the correct size.


Senior Personal Ads

Placing a senior ad is a fabulous and easy way to pay tribute to your senior. Our senior ads are $100.00 per page. The senior purchasing this ad will be able to design the ad themselves or one our page designers will create their page for them. Half a page is $80.00 and one quarter of a page is $40.00. 

 Yearbook Prices

Yearbook prices are as follows:

 $60.00 until September 18

 $65.00 until December 12

 $70.00 until March 4

It is the goal of the yearbook to have everyone in the book at least three times! Please encourage your student to purchase a book. It will hold the memories of a lifetime and will be treasured in the years to come.


The book is full color, covering sports, everyday life at school, academics, holidays and celebrations. We are more than happy to send gift certificates for yearbooks purchased as Christmas gifts.




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