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Announcements: Jellybean Conspiracy Theatre Presentation


Jellybean Conspiracy Theatre Presentation 


Jellybean Journey

The Rebel Repertory Theatre will be presenting the original play,  The Jellybean Journey,  as its spring production at Groves High School. The only public show will be Thursday, May 31 at 4:00pm. Please come out and support our EXC kids in this ambitious endeavor, and please encourage your students to do likewise.  The show lasts about 45 minutes.  Admission is $5. Tickets may be purchased at the door.


We will also be producing the show for invited audiences from around the county May 31st and June 1st during the school day. Please excuse the cast members listed below, Thursday, May 31 during 1st-4th periods and Friday, June 1st, for all periods (6,7,5) for the shows. Any work they need to make up can be done during my class (7th block) during the following week of school.


What is the Jellybean Journey, you may ask?


" ‘Jellybean’ symbolizes togetherness, giftedness, and joy. ‘Junction’ suggests the connection of separate worlds. The Jellybean secret is this: To be successful in life is to act with kindness of heart, especially towards those who are excluded because they are different.


Jellybean uses theatre to change attitudes towards children and young adults with disabilities and increase natural supports for them in the community. It promotes the performance of the  "Jellybean Conspiracy Show" a theatre piece that models kindness of heart and promotes thoughtful inclusion.” 

Thanks to our regular Jellybean supporters from around the county, we can once again bring you the ultimate “feel-good” show. We were so inspired by the responses we got to our shows the last 3 years that we once again had the students find new pieces or  write their own pieces for this show. We invite you to experience our newest Jellybean World…so come along with us on the Jellybean Journey!!


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