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Gould PTA
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Gould Elementary
4910 Pineland Drive
Savannah, GA 31405
Phone: (912) 395-5400
FAX: (912) 201-5403

Jim Roszkowiak, Principal

Bell Times
Grades: PK - 5th

Driving Directions

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Announcements: Car Tag Applications are here!


Car Tag Applications are here! 


Please complete this application in its entirety. We will use this information to assign each family a unique curbside/carpool tag number. For those using a carpool, one person will register for an entire carpool and be responsible for distributing the cards to all members of the carpool. When we receive your application, you will be assigned your unique carpool number. You must display this card on the right side of the dashboard of your vehicle to enter the after school curbside pick-up line. Each child in your carpool should know his/her number by memory so that she/he can be released appropriately. Families will receive two copies of their assigned car tag number. During Parent Pick-Up, please remain in your vehicle, and for safety purposes, students can only enter and exit their vehicle from the passenger side. No one will be allowed to pick up a child without the authorized car tag. Persons authorized to pick-up your child must be included on the student registration form and in the school’s data base.  No one will be allowed to pick up a child without the authorized car tag.  If a car tag is not present, the person picking up the student will be required to report to the office, present a current government ID, receive verification from the office staff that they are on the parent’s authorized pick-up list, and the child will be released.


Car Tag Application.pdf    
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