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Announcements: February ELA


February ELA 


Ms. Malofy’s ELA NEWS FEBRUARY, 2017

Students are working hard to finish The House of the Scorpion unit by the end the quarter, March 8th.  We are beginning to prepare for the ELA Georgia Milestones End of Grade (EOG) extended writing and Language Arts assessments on April 3rd and 4th. You can access the complete testing schedule at:

We are having serious issues with plagiarism. Most students turn in authentic work. However, too many are cutting and pasting work from the internet or attempting to cheat in other ways. Please remind your child how important it is not to plagiarize. Students who turn in plagiarized work will earn a zero which they will not be allowed to make up. We will have a special plagiarism lesson by Ms. Pierce and Ms. Byers this Wednesday to help students understand how to avoid this problem.

Homework assignments will continue to be due each Monday and Wednesday. The AWP homework is due at the start of school each Monday. The Independent Reading Assignment is due each Wednesday at the start of school. Every student received an individualized reading assignment based on their current Lexile level January 9th. Please remind your student to complete and turn in homework on time. Completing assignments to meet standards and turning work in on time helps students exceed the standards and make honor roll.

Donor’s Choose: Please check out and consider supporting some of the wonderful projects Garrison teachers have posted on this site: I have two projects posted with Donor’s Choose. I would like to get a class set of the sequels to The Giver and The House of the Scorpion so students who finish novels ahead of their peers can continue working within the same unit. I also want to provide mats for students to use while they work on the floor (they love to work on the floor!) so they are warm, clean, and comfortable. Any help getting these funded for my students will be greatly appreciated.

I am truly enjoying the students and look forward to their success in 7th grade.


Ms.  Malofy


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