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May Howard Elementary School
115 Wilmington Island Road
Savannah, GA 31410

Phone: (912) 395-3925
FAX: (912) 898-3934

Tahisha Wright
Interim Principal

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Grades: PK - 5th

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Announcements: Welcome Back to School Information for a Successful Start Tomorrow!


Welcome Back to School Information for a Successful Start Tomorrow! 


Greetings Hawks, We are so excited about seeing you tomorrow for the first day of school! Please go to bed early and wake up to have a good breakfast. Our cafeteria will serve free breakfast to any student that would like it. Breakfast begins at 7:40 a.m. Students should arrive to school at 7:40 a.m. In the past, bikers and walkers have arrived too early. Please don't send your child up to the new school before 7:40. There is absolutely no one available to supervise them at that time. Please make plans to have them arrive at 7:40am. If your child will be a car rider, please drop them off at 7:40 in the back loop located off of N. Cromwell Drive. A map will be located on the website tonight for your convenience. Walkers and bike riders will ride/walk up to the sidewalk located on just before/after they come to the front of the school (based on which way you enter). It will lead them right to the front of the school building. The bike rack is located near the unfinished athletic field. Walkers must walk to the sidewalk and not directly into the front of the school as there is no sidewalk there. Parents will be allowed to park in the front of the school only for the first few days. Teachers will park elsewhere to accommodate our parents for the first few days. Parents are asked to adhere to this schedule: 3rd-5th grade parents will be able to walk their children into the building until 8/4, 1st-2nd grade parents will be able to walk their children into the building until the 8/7 and PreK-K parents will be able to bring their children into the building until 8/9. After these dates, your child will be expected to enter the building without your assistance. Rest assured that our most capable staff members will make sure that they get to their classes safely. We are asking that ALL car riders please use the car ramp after the days of walking in with your child are over. The definition of a "walker" is a child that walks by foot from home to school. We truly need all parents to abandon parking on Okatie and Sea Island Dr. There have been several accidents and injuries as a result of parking there. We have extended the loop so that more car riders can get in at the appropriate time. Please never drop your child off at the back loop when there are no adult workers there. That is simply too dangerous. Our staff will be at their duty posts on time daily to receive your children. The first car rider's gate will open daily at 7:15 and the second gate will open at 7:40. Please drive up at 7:40 to drop your child off with a staff member. In the afternoon, the first gate will open at 2:15 and second gate will open at 2:40. Please drive up at 2:40 to pick your child up and please have your card in the window so that Mr. Sauers or designee can see the card and call the name. Please have it big enough that he can read it quickly. The bus loop is now located on the side of the school. Please never park in the school's bus loop as that will impede the drivers ability to drop off and pick up students. Please make sure that you review the bus routes so that you know what school bus your child is riding to school and to home daily. I am asking that you please be patient with us as we have entered into a new place and we may not get it all right at first. Please give us some time to perfect the system. Please make sure you check the website to see maps and these directions. Our website is:


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