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Announcements: SCCPSS Student Dress Code--NHHS Uniform Policy--Please Review

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SCCPSS Student Dress Code--NHHS Uniform Policy--Please Review 


The SCCPSS student dress code was created in 2007 as a one step toward ensuring our schools are safe for our students and employees. The dress code limits baggy clothes, large pockets, and oversized bags to safeguard against weapons entering our schools.

In order to ensure that NHHS is safe, we have revisited the dress code and will be expecting students to follow it upon their return on Tuesday, January 19th until the last day of school, Friday, May 20th.

Here are the expectations:

Pants are khaki or black.  Cargo pants / pants with oversized pockets / sweat pants are not allowed. NO SENIOR SWEAT PANTS.  Skin tight pants / leggings are not allowed.

All students must wear a white or burgundy collared shirt.

No hats / caps / hoods / or other head apparel is allowed.

Bookbags are to be clear or mesh.  No exceptions.

Other bags/purses are to be no larger than a standard sheet of paper  (8 ½ x 11)

Students will be allowed to wear zippered jackets and zippered sweatshirts for warmth.

Students will be allowed to wear hoodies (hooded sweatshirts without a zipper) only if they are school colors (burgundy, gold, white, black) or if they have a NHHS logo.

Athletes will be able to wear uniforms/NHHS Designed sweat suits only on game days.

Athletes with oversized / non-mesh athletic bags are to put them in their lockers or with their coaches.  These bags will not be carried around all day.

Students who do not meet the above dress code will not be allowed in class.  Teachers are responsible for monitoring student dress and ensuring that EVERY student who enters their room is appropriately dressed.

Students who do not meet the dress code will be detained until they are properly dressed and will be marked absent for any classes missed. 

Students are expected to carry their IDs at all times. Lunch in the cafeteria can not be purchased without their IDs.  Students have been issued IDs multiple times this school year.  Teachers will not allow students to leave the classroom to go anywhere without an ID.  This is be required in addition to a pass. Replacement ID’s cost $5.00 and purchased in the media center.

Our goal is to ensure that all students and staff have a safe and secure learning and working environment.  Following the district dress code is one part of maintaining our safety.  

Thank you for your assistance and attention to this matter. 


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