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Rice Creek School
100 Mulberry Avenue
Port Wentworth, GA 31407

Phone: 912-395-4100
Fax: 912-201-5068

Dr. Troy A. Brown

Bell Times
3 - 8th

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Destiny online catalog for Rice Creek
DK Find Out!
A secure site for students to find, explore, and learn about anything, DK Find Out! Includes subject-based, curriculum-linked articles to support learning and teaching, and up-to-date resources for homework and project help. With a teacher and parent portal available, this website helps link classroom and home learning in a powerful way! For K-6th grade, this site can also be easily used by middle school students for background information and to promote inquiry. Contains videos, quizzes, interesting facts of the day and more. Use DK Find Out! to help students plan new and innovative science fair projects that are tied to real-world issues.
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Energy Kids
Fun Brain
Go noodle
Go Noodle is a site with imaginative games, videos, brain breaks, and activities to increase both the amount of movement and brain engagement in the classroom. Activities are readily searchable by such types as stretching, calming, dancing, and sports. While there are premium accounts available, the free account provides a multitude of activities. It is most popular at the elementary level, but older students could benefit! Ideas for using Go Noodle include selecting brain-based activities aligned with ELA or math standards, and creating a list of favorites for easy access on YouTube.
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Kids read
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National Geographic
Live Oak Public Library
National Museum of the American Indian
Ocean Portal
SCCPSS Media Services website
Sports Illustrated Kids
Tween Tribune
Tween Tribune hosts high interest, reputable current events articles for K-12 audiences compiled by the Smithsonian. The articles are categorized by grade, lexile, language (English/Spanish), and subject area. Each article is available across multiple lexiles for differentiation and has an associated comprehension assessment. Free educator accounts offer a plethora of features: Monday morning newsletters, class and student profiles, lesson plans, article assignment capability, and assessment score grade books. Student privacy is protected, and all comments are educator-moderated. Use Tween Tribune to compare bias/viewpoints from varying sources, support or inspire inquiry, or as a station highlighting literary styles.
Zoom in
Zoom In has more than just history content; after students work with primary documents and questioning, it provides writing support at two different levels. There are extensive teacher resources, including a youtube channel demonstrating different uses and steps to prepare. Teachers can create a class, and use a code to distribute one of eighteen different units to students. There is scaffolding for them to determine author's point of view, analyze and collect evidence, organize research, and write explanatory or argumentative essays. Assessment begins at the draft level, so that teachers may regroup or reteach needed processes as needed. The organization of the materials lends itself to independent study, small group, or class discussion. Appropriate for all grade levels.
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